We Make Elopements Stress-Free, Personal, and a Hell of a Good Time!

With our adventure elopement packages, you can elope on a canyon rim, a black sand beach, a mountain top, under a rainforest canopy, in front of a red rock arch, or among the Joshua trees, all while resting easy, because...

We take care of everything for you!

  • Planning: We will interview you about your desires, then pick the perfect location, time, and activities for your elopement day.
  • Photography: Victoria and Joe will photograph the candid, tender, and fun moments of your wedding day with a fully-edited online gallery to prove it!
  • Officiating: Joe writes a personal ceremony just for you. He can officiate in English, Spanish, or both!
  • Guiding: We both have experience working as wilderness guides and will make sure to keep you safe while pointing out amazing wildlife, trees that smell like butterscotch, and organisms older than the Roman Empire.
  • Permitting: We take caring for our parks seriously and make sure all permits are taken care of. Permit fees are included in our all-inclusive package (unless they exceed $100), but we'll take care of the permitting paperwork for any of our packages.
  • Ambiance: Joe can perform guitar music in the background during your vows and first dance if you wish.
  • Snacks: Hiking makes you hungry, so we always have a pack full of tasty, healthy, vegetarian goodies!
  • Travel anywhere on the Big Island, Hawai'i and most places on our travel schedule (travel fees are reduced if we're already planning to be near your destination).
  • and so much more!

Adventure Elopement Packages

A Short and Sweet Elopement

4 hours

Photography only / $2300 + Travel + Permits

Videography + Photography / $3100 + Travel + Permits

Full-Day Adventure Elopement

8 hours

Imagine a vow exchange at sunrise followed by an early morning hike, a relaxed brunch, epic adventures, alone time, and a hike out to a glorious viewpoint for a sunset portrait session.

Photography only / $3600 + Travel + Permits

Videography + Photography / $4800 + Travel + Permits

All-Inclusive Full Day Adventure

Relax, while we take care of (almost) everything.

This package includes everything you'd get for a full-day adventure, plus:

A Bouquet + Boutonnière

A Hot Meal

Gourmet Cake

Musical Request

Small Gear Rentals (e.g. snow shoes, SUP, Kayak, picnic supplies)

Photography only / $4800 + Travel + Permits

Videography + Photography / $6000 + Travel + Permits

Videography Examples


Video of your Ceremony

A single camera video of your ceremony with high-quality audio.

$100 for ceremonies with less than 1 mile of hiking round trip.  (additional fee may apply for longer hike-out destinations)


We offer high-quality bouquets, boutonnieres and hairpieces at affordable rates. Plus, our flowers are all safe for the environment!



Victoria offers a micro-elopement package. This package includes:

  • 2 hours of adventure elopement photography
  • Location planning assistance
  • Victoria can serve as your legal officiant*

Select Locations Only:

This package is for the Volcanoes National Park and Hilo areas only.

Select Dates Only:

This package is only available on non-holiday weekdays.

How does the officiating work?

Victoria is an ordained minister, meaning she can preside over your vow exchange and fill out/return your marriage license. However she cannot perform a ceremony and photograph at the same time. Typically, most couples that choose this package do a personal vow exchange, which Victoria photographs. If you'd like Victoria to perform a ceremony instead, that's fine, but there won't be photos of the ceremony.


2 hours of Victoria as your photographer

$1,200 + travel + permits

Please note that sometimes some things simply aren't possible with elopements. In order to preserve our parks, some parks have special rules--for instance Arches National Park doesn't allow musical performances, while Dead Horse Point doesn't allow real flowers. We help you navigate all of that and offer alternatives. Want flowers where they're not allowed? We rent high-end artificial bouquets. Want music but it's not allowed? We'll find a place outside of the park for your first dance.


How much does travel cost?

Typically travel runs:

Utah- $275 when we're there or $1500 for dates not on our travel schedule
Big Island - Free
Other Hawaiian islands - $350-700
Washington, Oregon, or California - $1500

For travel, we charge a fee that includes (1) the cost to get there, which might include airfare, car rental, and gas and (2) the cost of lodging for 3 days in the area of your wedding. Why 3 days? Because we always go early and do a dry run to make sure everything goes smoothly! We often camp, which makes our lodging pretty inexpensive, but cheap off-grid camping isn't always an option, so sometimes our lodging fee is higher while other times it's practically free.

If you meet us at places we're already traveling to (or close to), our travel fees are waved or greatly reduced!

If you'd like an exact cost for travel, please reach out to us.

How many guests can I have?

We recommend keeping your guest count under 12. We do not offer elopements bigger than 12 guests for most locations.

Can I bring my pet?

Absolutely! Pets aren't allowed in all natural spaces (most National Parks do not allow pets at elopements), so please let up know when you contact us if you plan on bringing a furry or scaly friend so we can plan accordingly.

Do we have to have an officiant?

Kind-of. For your marriage license, you'll need a legal officiant (which Joe and Victoria both are) to sign your paperwork. That said, the officiant doesn't have to say or do anything during your ceremony except preside over it. That means you're welcome to have a private vow exchange, which Joe and Victoria can photograph from a far. Afterwards, Joe or Victoria will make sure you said your vows willingly and without any coercion (the State's mandate--and a good one!) and lovingly (Victoria and Joe's mandate) and then they can sign your paperwork. Voila! You're legally married!!!

Can you accommodate people with physical disabilities?

Definitely! There are lots of great ADA compliant elopement locations that we'd love to tell you about.

Are Ceremonies officiated by Knots in the Pines religious?

No, but we welcome you to bring your own faith.

We are both Humanists (think Unitarian Universalists) and ordained by the Universal Life Church. We keep ceremonies free of religious doctrine. While we doesn't insert religion into our ceremonies, we welcome our couples to. Your ceremony is about you, which includes your personal beliefs! We're happy to help you include your personal traditions and honor your faith.

How do I get a permit?

We'll help you through this process when you book with us :)

How much does a permit cost?

Expect to spend between $0-200 for most permits. Some permits (e.g. permits at California State Parks or Arches National Park) are more expensive ($300-500) with some also requiring refundable deposits to discourage people form destroying the parks. Refundable deposits can be up to $1000.

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