Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean guests aren’t allowed.  In fact, we will need at least one additional witness for your marriage license (but this can be done after your ceremony if you don’t want any guests).

Things to consider if you have guests:

  • How many guests should you invite? We recommend keeping elopements very small, with 0-6 guests for backcountry weddings and 0-30 guests for front country weddings.
  • Guests need accommodations
  • Consider the fitness level of your guests when making plans.  Your 80 year old grandpa might not be able to scramble up a cliff as easily as you young’ns can.  If you have an important guest that’s elderly, physically disabled, or has  limited mobility, consider a front country drive-up location for the ceremony.  You can do photos afterwards in a backcountry location.
  • Will your guests be acclimated to the climate? A guest from Florida might not be prepared for the cold in a January, mountain top ceremony.
  • Guests may need water, food, shelter, and gear. Joe and I can typically carry enough gear to keep a few people happy, but if you’re having more than 2 guests, most likely someone besides us will need to be carrying and providing some essentials.
  • Do you want the guests there the whole time?  You can invite the guests for just the ceremony or a picnic afterwards.  If you want true intimacy, there’s no crime in sharing part of your day with your family and friends and having part of it dedicated to “alone time”.

Adventure Elopement at Snow Canyon


Your dogs, horses, or even pet lizard are welcome to join us so long as it’s legal and safe for them to be at your ceremony location. In fact, we LOVE it when they do!


The location

You can elope literally ANYWHERE, and I don't mean literally in the hipster way all the young'ns are using it! Pick a place that is special to you.

  • Where you met
  • Your dream vacation location
  • The first hike you did as a couple
  • Your family's cabin
  • The lake you used to go as a kid

About half of our couples come to us knowing exactly where they want to get married. The other half tend to do the "pick a gorgeous desert in Southern Utah for us" approach. Both options are AWESOME, but if you want our help, you're in good hands. We have collected tons of location options, from front country views to 3-day backpacking options and databased them based on all sorts of things, from dog-friendly to trail length.