Joseph and Victoria in the Uintas.  Photo credit: Morgan Borcik, 2021

Joseph and Victoria in the Uintas. Photo credit: Morgan Borcik, 2021,

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Joseph and Victoria in the Uintas.  Photo credit: Morgan Borcik, 2021
Joseph and Victoria in the Uintas.  Photo credit: Morgan Borcik, 2021

Above photos: Joseph and Victoria in the Uintas. Photo credit: Morgan Borcik, 2021,

Howdy, I am Victoria Felt

While I was working on my photography degree (BFA in Photography, University of North Texas), I documented the work of avian field scientists. That documentary landed me a job working with wildlife and plants at Bryce Canyon NP. Being from the sprawling burbs, being out at Bryce was my first time really experiencing wilderness, beginning my love affair with the deserts of Southern Utah and other open spaces. From there, I went on to work for the BLM, finding more and more treasures on our public lands and earning the conflated title of "National Paleontology Education Coordinator" (which really just meant that I got to draw dinosaurs for kids and let them touch fossils while occasionally picking up the phone to answer dire educational questions from across the nation... but mostly drawing).

After 12 glorious years in Utah, Joe and I relocated to Volcano, Hawai'i. We live in a historic cabin across the street from Volcanoes National Park. We spend much of our time being stewards of our land, working on making our property completely self-sustaining (we harvest all of our own water, much of our food, and a good portion of the electricity we use) and also restoring the native forests surrounding our cabin.

I've been photographing weddings for cool people since 2006 and absolutely LOVE my job!

My favorite things in life are

  • My husband and my dogs!
  • Animals & Ecology
  • Fruit, chocolate and cake
  • SCUBA diving & snorkeling
  • Plants (One time Joe asked me to count every plant in our house. I counted 30+ in one room and gave up. I've been growing orchids since I was in my early teens and usually have at least 15 genera in my collection. Now that we live in the rainforest, I plant many natives and a plethora of exotic fruits, from loquats to poha.)
Victoria doing a giant stride while SCUBA diving in Australia, Great Barrier Reef.

Photo credit: Scott Lavell, Great Barrier Reef, 2019

Victoria SCUBA diving with her camera in an Ikelite underwater housing.  Australia.

Check out this gettup! Photo credit: Scott Lavell, Great Barrier Reef, 2019

Victoria at a glacial bay in Iceland.

3AM in Iceland, listening to the calving of the Jökulsárlón Glacier and chilling with some Eider Ducks.

Victoria diving with a Manta Ray.

Chilling with some of the coolest fish in the sea. Photo credit: MJ Haught, 2012, Kona, Hawai'i

Victoria at midnight right after a dive.

Victoria, very cold and attractive after diving sunrise past sunset. Photo credit: Scott Lavell, Great Barrier Reef, 2019

Hi, I am Joe Felt.

I grew up in the mountains of Utah backpacking, snowboarding, rafting, and mountain biking. I attended an outdoor public high school program (back before people cared about liabilities) where we did half of our learning in the Utah backcountry.

My favorite things in life are

  • guitar
  • skateboarding
  • animals
  • ice cream
  • my wife and dogs

I started helping Victoria with her elopements in 2016 when she would need a photography assistant.

I've been a Minster of Spiritual Humanism since 2010, and had officiated weddings, but never with Victoria. One of Victoria's couples was looking for a bilingual Spanish-English officiant. She jokingly volunteered me and I've been officiating for many of the couples she works with since then.

I taught second-grade (mostly dual-immersion in Spanish) for 19 years, and retired to work full time for Knots in the Pines.

And yes. I *almost* always have a guitar or ukulele on me.

Joe playing guitar in a slot canyon in Southern Utah.
Joe on a snowy mountain.
Joe with an Ukulele on a mountain side.
Joe with an ukulele in Australia.
Joe talking photos in Saint George on the red rocks in front of a snowy mountain.

Joe and Victoria elopement story!

We personally eloped back in 2013 at the Sundance Owl Bar on a beautiful spring night in our favorite part of the Wasatch Mountain Range. We got to do everything we love--listen to a live band, drink some great beer, and take in the mountain scenery--with 5 close friends. We had a reception for family and friends several months later at an aspen-filled campground nearby, complete with several jam sessions (there must have been at least 8 guitars at our small reception!).

The team members behind the scene

...and ones that sometime photobomb your scene.

Hi, I'm Jane Ikonnikova!

I help Victoria edit your photos!

(Okay, Victoria speaking now so that I can brag about Jane :D). Jane is a stunning photographer based in Lviv, Ukraine. She shoots gorgeous portraiture and fine art. In 2021 I was drowning with too much editing; Jane was pregnant with her first baby and, with a COVID surge in Ukraine, was looking for safer work--Instagram friends became real friends and a gorgeous partnership was born! While Victoria edits most photos, Jane sometimes helps out when things get crazy busy.

Check out her work on Instagram @ikonnikova_photographer

Coltrane the dog.
Coltrane the dog on a fall colors hike with red maples.
Coltrane the dog in the snow.

WRUFF, I am Coltrane!

I am a goofy Labradane that got adopted by Joe and Victoria. I'm 90 pounds of adventurous puppy energy. I will climb any canyon without thinking twice and will do cute things for cheese. Every once in a while, when I'm being a very good boy and the happy couple says I should come, I get to be part of the adventure wedding team. My job is to help keep track of the trail when the humans can’t smell it and scare away all the meanies.

Joe and Coltrane in the desert.

I'm Owen!

Mommy and Daddy just adopted me! I'm not ready to help with weddings just yet (I have a lot to learn), but you might meet me back at base camp!



“Victoria was incredibly fun to work with and is such a skilled photographer. She took the stress of photography completely off of our shoulders and allowed us to really enjoy our big day. Her photos are so beautiful I can't stop looking at them and she was able to capture all of the special little moments that I didn't want to forget. She also took the time to drive up into the mountains to do a sunrise couples shoot with us and the photos are gorgeous. She is top notch as a person and a professional.”

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What kind of gear do you use?

We shoot primarily on a Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon R with Sigma Art lenses, Canon L series lenses (the 100mm 2.8 is our workhorse!), and a few vintage lenses, including a Canon Tilt-Shift lens from the 1970s!

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Generally, yes! If we don't have anyplace to get, we're happy to keep hanging out and photographing. Our additional hourly rate will be listed on your contract.

Do I have to order prints through you?

Nope! While we print gorgeous, archival photos that will last over 100 years, we understand that you might want something else. We work with several labs that link directly to your wedding gallery that offer a wide range of print options (from canvases to leather albums). We also are a partner of, where you can get 30% off your orders if you work with us.

All that said, you're welcome to print the images yourself or at any printshop you prefer.