What Is an Elopement Ceremony?

First off, what is an adventure elopement even like?  

Here’s what to expect.

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The Adventure

What is an elopement ceremony? The way Knots in the Pines plans it, you and your partner (and your guests, if you have any) will meet us at a trailhead or view point and off we’ll go! Most elopements involve hiking, but if you’d rather pursue a different adventure (e.g. river running, shoe shoeing, 4x4, etc), let us know and we can modify things for you. 

We can go as far as you’d like, so you may want to go on a 20-mile backpacking trip, hit several short trails, or visit all the viewpoints in your favorite park by car. Either way, as we adventure, you’ll enjoy wildlife watching (Joe and I are especially adept at finding critters and decent at identifying them), the views, and probably some whiskey and snacks. The whole time, Joe and I will be taking candid photos, and we may stop on occasion to get some photos of the two of you in scenic places. We’ll also take photos of the scenery and details (e.g. your rings, flowers, etc).

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How Does an Elopement Ceremony Work?

What is an elopement ceremony? With Knots in the Pines, your adventure eventually takes you to your ceremony location. Typically, we time the ceremony to be when the lighting is best (usually about 30 minutes after sunrise or 1 hr before sunset) to create the ultimate romantic and epic experience. At this point, you’ll exchange vows and make it official. You’re welcome to include any other ceremonial traditions as well (sing to each other, read poems, light a unity candle, etc.). Joe can officiate or you can bring your own officiant. If you have at least 1 guest, we can all sign your marriage license at this time, otherwise, we’ll do it before or after our journey.

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The Return or The Extension of Adventure

Some couples like to incorporate a toast, picnic, additional adventures, or dancing after their ceremony. Run your ideas by us and we’ll help make it a reality.

We’ll usually take some more photos on our way back to the car (that is, if you’re coming back with us--feel free to stay outside and camp for your honeymoon or ask us about doing an overnight with you for more photos!). Expect us to ask you to do silly things like dance in the wilderness and kiss and snuggle a LOT.

What's on your mind?

Can I have Guests?

Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean guests aren’t allowed. We recommend keeping the guest list anywhere between 0 and 30 people. We'll help you consider your guests' needs when picking out a location and gathering up your gear.

Can I bring my pet?

Of course! We LOVE it when pets join!
We'll pick a pet-friendly location that's safe and legal for your pet.

What should I wear?

Some people think that you surely can’t wear a huge dress or fancy suit out in the desert, but you absolutely can! That doesn’t mean you have to. If you want to wear a blue dress or blue jeans, that’s all perfect too. Know that if you opt for the traditional big white dress, it probably won’t be quite as white when you get home, but that’s all part of the charm of an adventure elopement.
It is important to consider the activities you'll be doing--Mermaid dresses might look awesome, but really suck when you're backpacking. Make sure to wear an outfit that's easy to move in and right for the climate. We'll help you pick out your outfits if needed and will offer advice of how to stay comfortable!

Couple kissing at Zion
Eloping in the mountains