With elopement photographers charging wildly different rates, it's good to know what you are (and aren't) getting

Some of the unique things we offer include: wedding officiating, music for any part of the ceremony or first dance, planning/permitting, ring discounts (please ask about this!), environmental conservation support/resources, suggestions for all things elopement including: flowers, food, dresses/suits/rings, wine/beer/spirits, etc... Two very important aspects of our expertise that ensure a successful elopement are Legality and Safety.



Would you be shocked if I told you I spend over 20 HOURS last week talking to public land managers, filling out paperwork for permitting officers, making sure we have correct liability insurance for all of our elopements this summer, and even checking with the California Film Commission when we do and don't need commercial permits?! YIKES! Needless to say, we take photographing on our public lands super seriously and make sure that your event is 100% legal. Not only is very time consuming, it's also expensive. Even though we typically have our couples pay for permits, we still have to pay for commercial photography permits at most locations. We also take care of all this paperwork for our couples so that they don't get as much gray hair as I have :P

Average costs per elopement:

For our couples: $100-400

For us: $50-200

Average time spent planning per elopement:

For our couples: 0-1 hour

For us: 2-8 hours


We also spend a lot of time getting and maintaining certain permits and licenses. Here's a few of the licenses we have:

  • Unmanned Aircraft Pilots License: Yes, we both legit have pilots licenses so that we can photograph you with a drone. Feel free to quiz us about the airspace regulations of the location for your elopement if you want us to bore you with a lot of FAA talk.
  • Food Handler's Permit: Since we transport food for you and touch it sometimes, we got our food handlers permit. Pretty hilarious that so much of the exam focused on heating, cooking, and storing meat... something we'll never do :P
  • Allergens Training Certification


Okay... We're a little bit paranoid, but you'd probably prefer that we want you to stay safe right? Here's just a few things we keep current for your safety:

  • Satellite Communications Device: We carry a satellite communicator for all of our jobs. It allows us to text people without cell service, send our coordinates to a family member, and (most importantly) notify local authorities if we need emergency help.
  • Safety Gear Including:
  • Bear Spray
  • First Aid Kit
  • Experience/Training: we try to keep current on the latest CPR updates in case of emergency. We also have years of experience in the backcountry and are diligently careful about avoiding potentially dangerous conditions and circumstances while maximizing adventure and experience!